Recommended Computers March, 2016

Nettbox computers

Intel NUC 5I5RYH is a great little computer that is aimed at someone looking for more than just an Android experience. It is tiny, cheap, well designed, sips power and sits well behind a monitor


All-in-One computers

While having a gorgeous-looking all-in-one that you can show off may be a good thing, the fact of the matter is that many people choose a computer like this because they want something small and cheap that doesn't take up a lot of room. Lenovo IdeaCentre C340 is affordable Family PC with fast processor and great price


Gaming computers

Are you a full time gamer who want to play all games smoothly in full details without any lags or freezes? Our custom gaming computer provides so much performance that you can play anything and its build from the highest quality components to achieve high reliability. This computer can run 24/7 without any problem whatsoever. With bit of investment you will get PC witch will keep up high standard for few years.


Office computers

Very affordable, powerful and very reliable. The right office computer. We build our computers from high quality components to achieve high performance and long reliability. Most of the components has longer than 1 year manufacturer warranty (2 or 3 years). Some of them has warranty for lifetime. With office computer from Cyberthrone Computers you can have a peace of mind that your PC will not let you down.


Home computers

Are you using your computer for work or entetaiment? Are you a gamer or just occesionaly user? Do you want connect your computer to TV and watch movies in 4K or set up your home media centre. Maybe you want to edit photos and have enough performence and space for it? In this case customized home computer from Cyberthrone computers is just right for you. Providing enough power to do almost anything you like, this computer is the best buy for your home in April, 2015.


Computers with Extreme performance

Simply everyone’s dream! In "reasonable" prize level the most powerful PC you can get in April, 2015. Whatever you choose to do the extremely powerful computer from CyberThrone Computers will make it happened.


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